Sunday, 11 February 2018

About resell hosting

Reseller hosting is a special form of hosting, where we buy hosting space to be sold to others. Usually, we get a certain amount of storage space and bandwidth, and we can resell it to our customers.

Often our space is divided into fixed portions and we can sell only these portions but sometimes we can divide it flexibly as per our customers' needs.
When we sign up for reseller hosting, we can offer our users much more options that if we sold space from our normal hosting account. 

Several benefits include:

  • our customers will get access to a control panel to easily manage their hosting space. This is not possible when we sell space from normal hosting account, since the only admin panel we get is the one for ourself.
  • Our customers will get technical support from our hosting company. We will not have to provide technical support to our users.
If we plan to start our web hosting business, reseller hosting is a good choice for us.

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